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Purchasing a new home can be an exciting time. When purchasing a mobile home, there are many options to consider. A big benefit of buying a mobile home is that this type of home can be more affordable than other housing options. The home can also be customized to the liking of the homebuyer.

The fact that the home will have to be transported to a permanent location is a big factor to consider. Before signing on the dotted line, it’s important to find a reputable home moving company that specializes in moving, transporting, and installing mobile homes. Finding a mobile home moving company before buying this type of home allows the buyer to learn about the process and find out about the costs involved. This can also save time in the long run, as having a moving company can make the buying process more efficient for all parties.


First, we are trained professionals who will move your home with care. We will treat your home like it’s ours and make sure that it arrives safe and sound at its final home. Our company is also licensed and insured, which is important when moving mobile homes in Alabama.


With us, customers come first and are our number-one priority. We strive for our customers to be highly satisfied and delighted with our moving services. Our prices are also competitive, and we aim to keep our services affordable. We offer high quality and honest service.


When it comes to moving a mobile home in Alabama, there are three main steps to the process. The steps are the same for all mobile homes, from older, pre-owned ones to new models. The three steps are going through the disconnecting process, transporting the mobile home, and installing the home at the new location.

Mobile Home Movers in Alabama


When it is time to disconnect the home, there can be a lot of paperwork and red tape involved. Those who are not experienced in this line of service may not realize that it may require permits to get this part of the job done. Without these permits and the completed paperwork, the home may not be allowed to be disconnected and moved. Before moving the mobile home, it will also need to be inspected.

When calling a mobile home transport company, make sure the costs involved for permits and fees are included in the quote. Some companies may give a quote just for the move itself and not include these costs. This can mean the homeowner is surprised when presented with the additional fees and permit costs. Finding out the total and all-inclusive cost is important so the owners can budget for the total cost of the move. Also, make sure that each company that provides a quote is up to date on the legal aspects of moving a mobile home in Alabama


Once the permits are in order and the home has been inspected, it’s time to disconnect the home. Disconnecting the home involves unhooking the utilities, which is a very important step in the process. This step also involves removing any decks and skirting. If there are steps on the home, these will be removed as well. If the mobile home is a double-wide, the movers will need to take the home apart so they can safely move it to its final destination.


After the disconnection part of the process has been completed, the home can then be transported to its final destination. Make sure to go with a company that has extensive experience in moving mobile homes, as this can be a dangerous process and the home can easily become damaged. Experienced movers will know how to relocate the home safely and understand how to prevent the home from being damaged in the move.


Once the move is completed, it’s time for step three, which is the mobile home installation process. The moving team will already have scouted out the final space for the home and made sure everything is ready for this important step. Some companies offer preparation services, which can include levelling the land if needed. Keep in mind that not every mobile home moving company will offer preparation services, so it’s important to choose a company that offers all services so a second company does not have to be hired. The company will also need to check the drainage of the area and make adjustments as needed.


When it comes to the foundation for the mobile home, there will likely be multiple options available to the homeowner. Common options for the foundation include a traditional dirt foundation or a pier foundation. The area that the home is going in may have state or city regulations that regulate the foundation type, so be sure to ask the moving company if there are any local rules or regulations that would apply. Single-wide mobile homes may be able to be placed on the foundation in one step. If the home is a double-wide, the pieces of the home will have to be placed together in a certain order so they fit together perfectly.


Step one included disconnecting the utilities from the home. Step three involves hooking up the new utilities at the new home site. This part will be done after the home has had its final inspection. The professionals must handle this step, as they will make sure that everything is connected and installed properly for the homeowners. After the home is inspected and the utilities are connected, it’s time to install the deck, skirting, and the steps. There are many different types of mobile home skirting that can improve the look of your home and protect it. This completes the process and means the homeowners can now move in and enjoy their new home.